Les Cheneaux
Islands Association
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Islands Association


The LCIA works to benefit everyone who loves the Les Cheneaux area. Our
newsletter, social media, and website provide information of interest to all those
who value the Les Cheneaux Islands area: its unique geography, wildlife, water
resources, recreation, education, arts, community resources, and people.

Consistent with our vision statement, we post news and information articles that
are educational in nature to inform our members and the broader community of
issues facing the Les Cheneaux area. The LCIA encourages support of local
businesses, community groups, artists, and charitable organizations, and posts
information regarding events and programs of interest to the community. We
also post information designed to encourage new and returning visitors to the
Les Cheneaux area.

The LCIA Facebook page is managed by Alan McCord and Jim Keighley. The
LCIA website is managed by Alan McCord.
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Boat entered in the Antique Boat Show in Hessel.
Les Cheneaux Islands Association
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